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For you I climb mountains Defend you in the dark My instincts are sharpened You light up my heart You have my respect and I owe you my life For you I’ve learned lessons So strong and alive I’ve had the good fortune Having you in my life When the pain of existence is too much Your powers are endless and with us With the fires of the widows we remember That you are our only protector I beg your forgiveness For the things I have done I want to make amends Believe in your cause In this darkness this forest surrounds me So long that it took me to notice But the darkness was brighter than lightning And the forest surrounding was for me
This comforting state of grace I want to wake up and never leave Rode in on the darkest horse To hurt the ones that you once loved You’ve got to commit it Before you regret it By nature, a violator Foul words for foul ways The island I never left Deep inside still so far in Their hold is still firm and tight Believe in darkness, absence of light I rue the day I leave the things that are killing me They took away that pain that they’re making me feel
I see the angels crawling They’re crawling on their knees In blood a list is scrawled in It’s filling up with names There’s been a mistake The names on this list have all been erased So leave us be the debt as been paid God was wrong, now you’re gone I hear the devil talking Crying out God’s name He feels the end that’s coming Our final destiny The tragedy and what it did to me Your fucking cold powers to end it all Who’s next of kin? The price of sin It’s bittersweet that death comes next for me The blasphemy, beautiful and fucking real
The price is rising and falling fast A slight misdirection will surely pass But I’ve got to go Because you are never wrong girl and I always fail I’ve got no future and you’re dressed to kill There’s no room for sorrow this day is not for sale Cant it wait til tomorrow? Your petty little fucking tale It’s my finest hour Behind your eyes I’ve seen your precious future wrapped up so tight Before you go I want your precious failures Monuments of gold
Never ready to find out like this You’ve left your body forever unrest Your life unfolded while I still draw breath All you’ve shown us forever in debt Remaining remains Nothing matters, nothing’s the same All the faces that remember you You gave so much then left us with chills You left a light on while yours fades away I won’t forget you I live in your name You once told me the machine will not die Living breathing, vital and alive I’d give the world, friend, to see you again Living, breathing, vital and alive Not sure why I’m still alive and its you that’s one with death
You only hurt so much when you hurt the ones you love I’ve never felt such loss when I lost the ones I love I want to fill your lungs with the smoke of a million things I’ve lost You’ve only found someone until they’re finally gone I want to fill your lungs with tar, smoke of a million things I’ve lost I want to wake up and be free, all of those things I’ve lost and need The things that brought me home are the things that made me whole It’s always on my mind that it’s finally time to go The only things I need, the ones I love, the air I breathe I finally believe in all those things I fail to see A place to lay my bones to decay A source of pain long betrayed The times I’ve laid in agony I pity me The war is waged all by myself it never fades The love I’ve shared it goes nowhere, necessity Home is where I go to die, I’m well aware The bottom feeds on broken dreams, they’re left for dead Signs all point to where it ends, so finally I lick my wounds down to the bone, constantly Home is where I go to die, I’m well aware
Our love is the shade of grey The taste stays the same again, oldest friend By way of consequence, I’ve never leave your side until the days do end Waiting for the blood to dry for this pact says loyalty will survive In case of tragedy, this is all of me, the fall of me Put fate in my hands Fade into the wind is what fortune said Waiting for hell to bend The rules they state there shall be no escape Every day feels like twists of the blade by the firey depths I’ll follow you there
Between you and I, I want to let it die I want to fill this place with horror Best you not forget what will happen next For there will be no tomorrow The hell we create, easily our greatest feat I want to light this place on fire What can we expect until there’s nothing left We will bow our heads and cower Just let it die The earth in pieces, the hatred is ceaseless.
All around the fire, smoldering to sleep I fall to false memory Far across the ocean is where I should be Chasing moments meant to be Every waking minute, an entire waste of time The will to forget and leave the world behind I want to say I’ve lived a thousand lives before That won’t fix the price I’ve paid for many more So the aching spirit constant wonder why Becomes inspiration then it dies Exploring all the ways I wish to change The meaning always goes away Every waking minute a fucking waste of time Burning the candle then you die The final moments when you realize Your time is up close your eyes All I’ve done is wasted, curl up and hide Leaving behind one thousand lives


Debut self titled album from Vancouver's Dead Quiet


released August 5, 2015

Recorded October 2014 at Rain City Studios, Vancouver BC, Canada
Engineered by Jesse Gander
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon
Produced by Kevin Keegan and Jesse Gander
All songs written by Kevin Keegan and Dead Quiet
Album artwork by Cody Fennell

Dead Quiet is:

Kevin Keegan
Jason Dana
Brock Macinnes
Mike Grossnickle
Willow Gamberg


all rights reserved



Dead Quiet Vancouver, British Columbia

Stoner rock from BC. Follow us on Spotify!

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