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Grand Rites

by Dead Quiet

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Crypt Guard Grand Rites goes beyond filling the void that the untimely demise of Barn Burner left, it brought us a gloriously atmospheric averment of Doom, Stoner Rock and Heavy Metal, a radiant one hour slab of epic greatness. Tracks like 'Disgraced' and 'Dear Demon' or 'Blood Lovers' are prime examples for Dead Quiets distinguished blend of Heavy Rock. 'Grand Rites' is an essential album of the heavy underground, a roaring LP worthy of being in your collection. Favorite track: Disgraced.
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DMSipko Raw. Powerful. Bluesy. This album is a breath of fresh air in a crowded scene, with it's varied instrumentation and impassioned vocal delivery. Just take the fucking oath already! Favorite track: Spiritual Abuse.
Marcin Wielewski
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Marcin Wielewski Powerfull hard rock, angry freaking vocals, rusty and filthy sound. Can't wait to see them alive in Toruń this year. Favorite track: Moon Curser.
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The open flame and how it stings The loss of life was great and you will only pay The price is steep so I believe These things come and go and come back on you in spades My temper lost, I spit and cuss Defile the lowest low and those they double cross I never told you the whole story of how my anger grows I want to watch the lights go out/my rage is like an open book I want to curse the sun and the moon The guilt and shame, unfiltered hate We watch the lights go out and then we celebrate The darkest place for those who wait We smash the tombs, the graves, the grounds we desecrate The foulest stench, no fences mend We break the chains for those we must defend I’m tired of being afraid I want to stand and fight again The voices never abate They whisper nothing and fill the void I’ll lock the door There’s a side of me you haven’t seen before I’d like to think I wont cave In the face of something real like death I just want to be brave Defend the things that I believe I’ve seen these awful visions Going on in my head What’s it take to stop the bleeding When all I see is red I’ve tried to picture something else It’s all a mess I hope its all just a bad dream Counting backwards from hell
Things I’ve wanted to tell you A fear so close to home Every time the words leave my lips, feelings come and go Everything is nothing and it’s driving me insane Creeping out that window baby, I just cannot stay Every time you look away my face seems calm but I’m barely breathing Counting down to bury you at sea You’re lying there, my eyes are closed but I am not sleeping Biting down and trying not to scream The past seems far away but I’m holding on for no good reason, festering and trying not to leave Fear and paranoia and making those mistakes Trying hard to free my love but for you it's not the same Never wanted to fail you but it seems I’ve failed myself Cannot teach this old dog new tricks, I’m just not that way It’s not forever, no it's not for good, these lovers of blood, misunderstood
Come inside, take a seat Here is something to fill your veins I’ll trust you’ll be ok But something wicked always stays I’ll always wait for you I’m sworn to keep you safe Clean your wounds and watch the gate See the waters storm and swell Pick the scabs that never heal I’ve lost my faith in you I want to wish you well This life is a living hell It’s like a prison cell, the ways in which you kill yourself Vermin, blood, boils and death The bugs are crawling, creeping in The task to raise the dead Thankless of life unkept I’ll hold my breath for you Mind, body, soul and heart The weights and measures they fall apart You’ll find the things you need Running water and walls that bleed I’ll hold a place for you You haunt these halls Blood and spit on the walls Parasitic life in its glorious form, this is home Bathed in black, shadowless in shape The poison on it’s tip subduing the pain and the rage Like an open wound that’s about to explode How awful the fall, how tempting God’s call Rock bottom is real baby, and it’s here for you The sins of us all, how hollow The years you lost and the life you chose, this is all
I don’t mind if you can’t find The words to use or to describe The ways you feel or what you keep on locked down inside There is no limit to my judgement or what I do and I’ll stay awake, commiserate on everything you’ve done No finer fate than this disgrace There’s been days when I can’t fake My disease and what it takes To lift this veil and show you now exactly who I am I am vain, to be blamed for these indecent policies For they overflow in episodes unable to unfold I understood what you said It’s in between where I cannot breathe And if I say no will I fail you? Have I done so much to hurt you? I can’t see you in the pouring rain I’ll follow you until you tell me to
It started out as a splinter But became something stronger We won’t bare arms but teeth And we’ll last that much longer We can tell the years you’ve wasted And those you’ve dishonored This water runs thicker than blood And it runs forever The lies that we’ve faced, always And the truth was never told And here that we wait, patiently Still we fight and never fold We will hold faith for all days Because we took the fucking oath We made it out of the winter Losing strength but never colder We fought through tooth and nail Seeing red but getting better The lights will dim forever Unless we do something sooner The seeds of history have shown us all what we need to be In time we’ll have the final say These bonds of misery, the chains will crack but never break
I want to be somebody else Somebody other than myself again I want to know where you came from man I want to know where you’re going/ when you’re leaving 100 demons scratching at my door again waiting to fill my veins with sin I’m on an endless journey Chasing what I can taste You’ve got what I’ve been needing Desperate and fake Too much of a good thing baby Slowing down as we speak Before you will stop breathing Take a break, stop and think Have mercy on me demon because I cannot stay, I will not stay The times they are changing and so are we I’ve got 100 reasons to live this lie every day The pressure is too much sometimes Theres got to be some release How much is too much baby? I take and take and I take The life is too much maybe Coming down as I speak I’ll tell your fortune, tell you little lies The things you’re doing, I can see it in your eyes Come on baby, bang that little head The things you’re doing you can’t do when you’re dead Bow down, kiss my little ring Tell me something I would never believe Come on baby, bang that little head Let’s keep going you can sleep when you’re dead Love maker, law breaker, trouble maker, heart breaker This time I’m walking out that door And I’m not coming back for more
Old hopeless, you’re on your own This ghost town, I’m leaving now My focus is not lost but gone Your noose has come undone Old Hopeless, your mind is sound Hot crosses around your throat Your ambitions are buried but bold Old hopeless, you’re finally home Old hopeless, you’re killin me All hope is lost but free Your weakness is by design It’s useless and out of time It follows me but at least I’m never lonely
You can have the sunshine You can take the rain All that you have done, priest You will have to share the blame The exodus of you from us The time it took and the loss of trust We made our way through darker days A pound of flesh and empty space Sound of mind and sound of soul The valleys peaked and lost control When down is up and up is down Where we are well this is hell If you can find the window To divine belief You can climb right threw it But you won’t land on your feet The odds are greater when chasing time To live within it rather than who was right
It happens just when you’re dyin’ That’s death at your door And it’s just when you’re cryin out for more That she stands and relinquishes fire As masters of nature we’ve failed you As destroyers of lands we’ve prevailed you As bastards we feed As shepherds we’ve blackened our names She can tell just when you’re lyin’ The sweat beads off your brow And its just in your final of hours That the birds have come thirsting for you We could tell by the look in her eyes She is pale, she is cold but alive As she crawls back to where she will die Hey friend are you sure can want to hear this? It’s so full of the things you despise No, I want to know how she died Well the rest of the story is blurry The meat was starting to cool And the thrill of the kill it was new So we cut and we ripped in a hurry The smell of her blood on our lips We left what we’d done in those woods As God stands by to bear witness You can see in the pale moon light This is our grand rite As God fails to pass judgment You can see as she puts up a fight This is our grand rite


With influences ranging from doom metal to classic rock, Dead Quiet seeks to meld melody with catastrophe as they weave through a dissonant landscape of crushing metallic riffs and sombre choral musings. While remaining loyal to crucial heavy metal foundations, the band is successful at pronouncing that heaviness with depth and honesty. Formed in the winter of 2013, Dead Quiet was created from the ashes of singer/guitarist Kevin Keegan’s since dismantled band, Barn Burner (Metal Blade). Keegan’s songs were brought to the experienced hands of Vancouver musicians, Jason Dana (Bend Sinister, Karen Foster), Brock Macinnis (Anciients, Tobeatic) and Mike Grossnickle (Hashteroid). With one record under their belts, Dead Quiet has recently finished their follow up titled Grand Rites. Having the addition of full time keyboard player Justin Hagberg (3 inches of Blood) to the creative process, the songs have seen a richer dynamic and further broadened their already 70’s rock and early heavy metal characteristic. With the release of Grand Rites on the horizon, Dead Quiet hope to continue traversing the globe, playing what has become well known as an ultra energetic, charismatic and ear splitting live performance.

Limited see-thru blue double vinyl, in a beautiful gatefold sleeve!

Recommended if you like: High on Fire, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Electric Wizard, Mastodon, Metallica, Deep Purple, The Sword, Corrosion of Conformity, Queens of the Stone Age, Graveyard, Witchcraft, Pallbearer.

“Heavy, pummelling riffs that flow into each other, and have what it takes to keep happy those who crave the heavy, but might be into straightforward rock too.”
-Addison Herron-Wheeler, Exclaim! Magazine

“A very heavy nod to stoner type rock with its slow prodding groove riffs and jumpy drumming.”
-Heath Fenton, Beatroute

“A triumph for Canadian music.”
-Martell, We Love Metal

“Crushing, beautiful, and honest.”
-Shawn Loeffler, Yell Magazine


released November 3, 2017

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Dead Quiet Vancouver, British Columbia

Stoner rock from BC. Follow us on Spotify!

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